Have We Hit Rock Bottom?

Reflections of a not-so-innocent bystander by Rev. Dr. John Chryssavgis There are very few occasions in our lives—critical, pivotal events—that are truly life-shattering. We Orthodox

Russia’s Easter Offensive

All Christians will have something to ponder: how to think about the life and death of Jesus in our own times of war.

Russian World: the heresy driving Putin’s war

Guns + ideas = war; such is the formula of Russia’s war against Ukraine. The ideas in this equation stem from the doctrine of the Russian World, an ideology that is theological at its core, as it pits “Holy Russia” against the “godless West.”

Oxford statement of solidarity

A statement of solidarity with the Orthodox declaration on the “Russian World” (russkii mir) teaching, and against Christian Nationalism and New Totalitarianism

«C’est un mélange d’horreur et d’admiration» – Filip Karfík

Filip Karfík, professeur émérite de philosophie antique. Il a enseigné à l’Université Charles de Prague en République tchèque et à l’Université de Fribourg en Suisse. Il a publié notamment sur Platon et Plotin, mais aussi sur la tradition platonicienne à la Renaissance et sur le philosophe tchèque Jan Patočka.

Church of Greece: There is no excuse for this war

he Church of Greece raises its voice to protest against “the violent invasion of Russian troops and the war in Ukraine”, while underlining the failure of all – even ecclesiastical leaders – to prevent this war.

European Evangelical Alliance: Statement on Ukraine

The European Evangelical Alliance condemns all attacks upon Ukraine. The General Secretary, Thomas Bucher says: “We see no justification for these actions and are deeply distressed by the death, destruction, chaos and misery that will result.”

EEA Ukraine Crisis Response. Here is how you can help

On this page we would like to provide prayer requests, ideas to help, resources and regular updates from our local partners and members on the Ukraine crisis. The content will be updated regularly, so please make sure to check the page for updates on a regular basis.

International theologians in support of Ukraine

We, theologians from different countries and continents, express our full solidarity with the appeals of the Christian Churches in Ukraine to stop the Russian military aggression against their country.