ETHOS in practice during the war

Czech artist talks about helping refugees from Ukraine

Martina Špinková is graphic designer, artist, writer. Born 1959 in Prague, studied at Charles University and Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, is active in the field of graphic design, typography, art and palliative care. Together with her friends  she has founded Hospice Association Cesta domů  in 2001 and had worked as a director of this association for 10 years and then 6 years as chief editor of little publishing house Cesta domů.  Martina lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic, she has seven adult children.

Martina shares her experience of helping Ukrainian refugees in Prague especially for the God Against War project.

We are so far away from Kyiv, but at the same time we are quite quite near, near your people. I’m one of tens of volunteers, mostly very young, who help a little bit the people arriving from all around Ukraine day and night to main railway station in Prague. Children, mothers, grandmothers. We all have a great respect for all of them, we can’t imagine we could be so brave as they are, as you are. I admire little children helping their parents.

I’m painter so I draw some sketches of these quiet brave people, here you can look at some of them.

We hope our wish the horrible war will soon end will come true… Thank for your fight both for your and our freedom

Martina Špinková, Prague


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